Jerry Sullivan


Jerry Sullivan is the Editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal, the leading source of news, feature stories, analysis and commentary for the community of business in Los Angeles.

He previously served in the same capacity for the Orange County Business Journal, a sister publication based in Irvine, California.

Sullivan founded the Los Angeles Garment & Citizen, which served neighborhoods throughout Downtown Los Angeles and surrounding districts from 2001 to 2010.

He also has edited California Apparel News, Pacific Textile News and World Trade Magazine.

Prior experience as a reporter includes working the crime, sports and business beats for weekly and daily newspapers.

Sullivan is a native of Chicago, and a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

He can be reached at

Phone: 323-549-5225 Extension: 200

Recent Stories

Aussies Galore; HEDs Up on Devereaux

A great irony could be in store for Los Angeles in the wake of Rupert Murdoch’s agreement to sell much of 20th Century Fox in a $52.4 billion all-stock deal struck with Walt Disney Co.

PAGE 3: Southern Hospitality in Pacific Palisades

Best wishes to any and all of the individuals, families, businesses and other entities affected by the recent wildfires that have hopscotched the region.

PAGE 3: Rams, Kroenke Look Plenty Sharp

There’s no disputing that the Rams are looking good at 8-3.

Page 3: No Loose Lips on Doheny; Downtown as Small Town

What was all the hubbub at the Four Seasons, where a mystery VIP recently had LAPD out in force, with officers and members of the canine unit standing sentry, notifying visitors that all vehicles and their trunks would be checked?

PAGE 3: Soon-Shiong Ready to Tell; Marks Readies for ICOs

No shortage of biotech news in this week’s issue, with a tough break for 200 or more researchers and an intriguing opportunity for some prime lab space all rolled into Dana Bartholomew’s piece atop page 1, and the same staffer tracking a broader report on the sector as a local job generator in a separate story on page 6.

PAGE 3: Shakeout All Around Town

Gotta shake out the notebook everyone once in a while – a good way to shift perspective, a useful exercise in endeavors entrepreneurial and otherwise.

Page 3: Craft-y Counter to Conventional Wisdom

The notion came over lunch at Craft in Century City, filtering down from the top ranks of female corporate power players in Southern California.

PAGE 3: Sporty Types Here, Sports Titans Ahead

Peter Guber looked around and mused that baseball locker rooms are a helluva lot bigger than the cozy commons area where the Los Angeles Kings strap on the gear before home games at Staples Center.

PAGE 3: From Century City to SF

Early word off the avenues of Century City says that no one should expect a “trash-the-accuser” strategy for Harvey Weinstein’s defense as long as Glaser Weill’s Patty Glaser is on the case.

PAGE 3: Matches & Mismatches

Give the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. credit for coming up with apt matches as it seeks to eliminate a glaring mismatch in the local economy.

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