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Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey Expected to Step Down

Paramount Pictures Chairman and Chief Executive Brad Grey is apparently on his way out after 12 years at the helm of the financially troubled studio.

Giving To Get

Distinctive Assets’ ‘swag bags’ offer shot at Oscar glamour

Gift baskets for Oscar participants offer businesses a package deal to promote items and services.

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Talent Agency Aims To Make Some News

ICM Partners takes step back into journalism business with pickup of Headline Media Management.

ICM Partners looks to re-establish its talent for representation in broadcast journalism.

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Oscars Call on Businesses to Play Supporting Roles

ENTERTAINMENT: Local vendors boosted by awards include florists, chauffeurs.

Oscars provide golden opportunity for businesses such as florists and chauffeur services.

Kindred Spirits Join Businesses

MEDIA: Social impact brings together Good with Upworthy.

Good Worldwide sees positive in merger deal with similarly socially minded Upworthy.

City Attorney Takes on ‘Pay-to-Play’ Casting Schemes

As the result of an undercover investigation by his office, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced today the filing of criminal charges against five actors’ workshop businesses to stop “pay-to-play” schemes.

ICM Partners to Acquire Headline Media Management

ICM Partners talent and literary agency is expanding its reach into on-air talent by acquiring Headline Media Management (HMM), a boutique firm representing anchors, reporters, hosts, and producers in news, lifestyle and sports broadcasting. HMM Chief Executive Lou Oppenheim and President Michael Glantz will join the agency as partners. Oppenheim will head the new broadcasting department at ICM and Glantz will lead news and programming efforts within the department. Details of the deal were not disclosed.

Upworthy to Merge with Good Worldwide

Upworthy media company and Good Worldwide Inc., a self-described global media brand and social impact company, will join forces in a merger that its leaders say will position the new entity as a leader in social good media and consulting.

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Gold Rush

Producers of the nine films nominated for Best Picture look to reap the Academy Award bonanza

Producers of the best picture field pursue an epic Oscar win with lower-budget fare marked by diversity.

Oscars Race Helps Frame Competition at Box Office

FILM: Nominations boost ad spending as producers vie for Hollywood’s golden guy.

Oscar nominations often provide a bigger box-office bang for advertising buck than an actual win.

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