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China’s Xi Plays Humor ‘Cards’

Mike Margolis didn’t know what to expect from the reception in Seattle welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping to America.

Spielbergs’ ‘Bridge’ to Past

Ace director Steven Spielberg turned to his own father for research assistance on his latest film.

Football Divides Loyalties

Culver City commercial real estate broker Joe Clarke has long been a fantasy football fanatic.

Minimum Benefit for Wait Staff

Tipped employees may have gotten shorted in the minimum wage ordinance, Charles Crumpley writes.

NFL Mom Splits Screens for Sons

If you look carefully at the crowd during a Cleveland Browns or New York Giants football game, you might spot Olivia Goodkin gazing at her iPad instead of the action on the field.

Blame Game? Pretty Lame

The shameless art of blaming your predecessor has Charles Crumpley pointing fingers.

Fear Arrives on Cue

It feels like Halloween every day for the L.A. composer of creepy Showtime TV horror series “Penny Dreadful.”

Good Medicine?

All those laid-off workers from Kythera could start businesses and refresh L.A.’s biopharmaceutical sector, Charles Crumpley writes.

Quiet on Vacation Plan

Local investment banker Austin Khan was tired of his vacations turning into extended workdays.

Charity Dealt Strong Hand

Ron Burkhardt, managing director at Newmark Grubb Knight Frank’s office in Century City, has worked with the nonprofit Autism Speaks on the real estate side since 2007, and has participated in its various walks and other fundraising events.

Stop the War on Drivers

Charles Crumpley is driven to distraction by California’s war on motorists.

Looking to Do Well With Water

Manhattan Beach resident Larry Johnson said he took one look at a black-and-white photo of young African girls balancing huge containers of water on their heads while walking to and from watering holes so many times a day they couldn’t go to school – and he decided to do something about it.

Falling in Love Becomes Reality

Heather Bilyeu, 30, grew up in the real estate business, watching her father build custom homes in Las Vegas.

Should’ve Left Markets Alone

The FTC’s weird obsession with phantom monopolies caused the Haggen grocery disaster, Charles Crumpley opines.

Exec Proves Pedal Mettle

Terrell Mathews had never ridden a bicycle more than a couple of miles at a time – on flat ground while riding a beach cruiser, no less.

Troubling Times

Austin Beutner’s dismissal from the Los Angeles Times has Charles Crumpley reading between the lines to figure out why.

Little Shot of History for Brother

Shortly after Osama bin Laden was killed, Brad Burlingame, chief executive of Visit West Hollywood, received a small but meaningful gift: a CIA shot glass.

Fit to Be Recognized

When Phillip Maltin agreed to be filmed working out for a P90X video about eight years ago, he never thought he’d become famous.

Songwriter Sends Disney Crowds Off With ‘Kiss’

Walt Disney Co. reached into its storied past to find the perfect song to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Disneyland.

On Fast Track After Hours

Chief executive during the week, off-road truck racer on the weekends. That’s how Greg Adler spends most of his time.


Grade inflation is bad for L.A.’s diners since the county routinely gives A ratings to questionable restaurants, Charles Crumpley writes.

Taxis Losing Fare Fight

What ridesharing companies are doing to taxis isn’t fair, Charles Crumpley writes. But business isn’t supposed to be fair.

Vinyl Collection a Record Undertaking

Manar Afghani, founder of Long Beach audio visual production company Visual Sound, never thought his love of vinyl records would result in a collection of more than 25,000 LPs and 45s.

Coming Clean on Energy Costs

Charles Crumpley is shocked by California’s electricity rates, which seem destined to charge even higher.

French Alps Work for Him

For the next couple of weeks, Paul Grossman plans to start his workday around 6 p.m.

Internet Memoir Goes Low Tech

It’s safe to say Felicia Day, who’s often referred to as “queen of the geeks,” knows her way around the Internet.

Giving Starts at Top

When Phenomenex employees in the past decade were challenged to shave their heads or dye their hair splashy colors, Chief Executive Fasha Mahjoor politely declined. But not this time.

Never Say Never to Neverland Ranch

When Elizabeth Taylor married Larry Fortensky at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in 1991, Trip Haenisch was one of the members of her wedding party.

Rail Car Must Get Back on Track

Lack of safety features is keeping the Angles Flight grounded, but Charles Crumpley writes that the result is kind of dangerous.

Watered-Down Cycling Vacation

Lauren Haas will never again misunderstand the meaning of “water resistant.”

States Call ‘Cut’ on Film Credits

Other states are cutting back their film incentives, but Charles Crumpley wonders how much that will improve L.A.’s production picture.

Healthy Boosts From Chinese Connections

For Bob Parker, life has taken some dramatic turns recently.

Toast From Top of World

Ben Stapleton opened his first bar last month, Barrel Down, a beer hall at 525 W. Seventh St. in downtown L.A.’s Financial District.

Tips for L.A.’s Wait Staffs

Charles Crumpley serves up some tough numbers to restaurants on customer satisfaction, courtesy of a survey.

Film Star Muscles Into TV Role

Action hero Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson already rules the movie world, having scored two box-office hits this year with “San Andreas” and “Furious Seven.”

Waiting to Exhale

We’re about to find out if MannKind’s inhalable insulin is a promising product, and Charles Crumpley says that should have happened years ago.

Driving Traffic Fight

A brief encounter with tech billionaire Elon Musk three years ago wound up being financially fortuitous for David Murphy.

Suburbs’ Sweet Song

Downtown Los Angeles is thriving, sure, but that’s not hurting the popularity of the suburbs, Charles Crumpley writes.

Time to Dig 710 Connection

A tunnel under Alhambra appears the best way to connect the 710 freeway to the 210, digging L.A. out of some traffic snarls, Charles Crumpley opines.

No Trouble Pitching Camp to Kids

When Mike McKeever, a senior vice president at Jones Lang LaSalle’s downtown L.A. office, isn’t busy striking real estate deals in L.A’s concrete jungle, he likes to spend time in a real forest.

Water Waste Big Turnoff

Santa Monica resident Dan Estes develops mobile apps as a hobby and he just created one that turns users into activists against water waste.

Sinking Feeling at Ports

It’s a pity that last winter’s harmful labor slowdown at the port complex turned out to be over a piddling matter, Charles Crumpley writes.

Trickle Down

New ways to cut back on water use are drying up, writes Charles Crumpley, as homeowners make sacrifices.

Sizing Up His Role as Superhero

Just when he thought he had done it all in his Hollywood career, Michael Douglas is doing something new: He’s starring in a Marvel superhero film.

Fight for Ticket Goes His Way

Adrian Watson had been thinking of attending the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight since the matchup was first floated years ago.

Wealth is Good

The fact that Los Angeles now has more than 50 billionaires is a good thing, Charles Crumpley writes.

City Attorney Has Better Case to Make

Charles Crumpley wonders why L.A’s city attorney has vaulted into a fight between a bank and its customers.

Educator Gets His Message Out

Words come easily to Jim Tetreau, who is something of a writer. But they didn’t come to him much at all one evening early this month when he greeted about 140 supporters and well-wishers at Strive in Watts, a private after-school program for inner-city youths.

L.A. Rides Chinese Wave

Los Angeles is being transformed by an unprecedented wave of wealthy Chinese immigrants, Charles Crumpley notes, even if some decision makers haven’t much noticed.

Dad Goes to Bat for Fairness

Andrew Kugler just wanted to coach his daughter in a softball league. He never expected it would turn into a legal fight.


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