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Chinese Dollars Power Up Technology Startups

INVESTMENT: Local firms have cashed in on country’s passion for virtual reality.

Foreign money has helped fill a venture capital void for virtual reality firms.

Santa Monica a Beachhead for Beijing Agency

ADVERTISING: Hylink’s new office will aid clients on both sides of Pacific.

Beijing’s Hylink sets up in Santa Monica to shore up businesses in the United States and overseas.

Chinese Companies Take Larger Role in Hollywood

ENTERTAINMENT: U.S. producers picture deals as ticket to China’s box office.

Production deals have China’s star on the rise in Hollywood.

Medical Companies Trumpet Merger as Financial Shot in Arm

Apollo Medical Holdings Inc. said late last month that it would merge with Network Medical Management Inc. in the first half of this year, putting the vast majority of the Glendale public company’s shares under control of Network Medical’s shareholders.


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Spruce Goose Hangar Wings Way to New Owner

ACQUISITION: Broker says tenant Google helped land $270 million sale price.

The 1940s-era Spruce Goose hangar in Playa Vista might be an unfinished shell, but that didn’t stop the building from holding its own in the trendy office market with a recent sale price of $270 million.

Cultural Divide, Connection

Economic ties between Los Angeles and China bode well for both the region and the nation.

Chinese Currents

L.A.’s economy, ports buoyed by ties to U.S.’ largest trading partner

Los Angeles has been able to trade on its Pacific Coast position with China, writes Gene Seroka.

Chinese Currents

President-elect Trump’s tough talk on tariffs could lead to sea change

The incoming administration’s trade policies may spark conflict with our partners, write Christopher Thornberg and Jock O’Connell.

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Paying Up

REGULATION: Jan. 1 will kick off string of wage hikes across state.

The new year will clock in with new wage and hour laws for businesses across Los Angeles.

New Players Sniff Out Pot Revenues

REAL ESTATE: High rents draw in landlords.

Smoking out rental properties can often be a pricey process for pot businesses.

New Players Sniff Out Pot Revenues

MARIJUANA: Doors open in Gateway cities.

Gateway cities are high on revenue prospects from cannabis operations.

Lawyers Pursue Fruitful Careers

British emigres ditch law to seek heat in operating frozen dessert company.

A pair of British lawyers now aim to court L.A. customers with frozen fruit desserts.

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Service Commits To Giving Back

David Sobie’s company handles in-person dropoffs of returns for e-tailers.

David Sobie looks to give back to e-tailers through his in-person return service.

Serving Up Lessons on Sand

While most play beach volleyball only occasionally, Nader Hamda hardly goes a week without setting, spiking, or serving a ball.

Disney slate looking picture perfect as studio nears record box office.

A Look Ahead: What’s on the agenda for Los Angeles business in the coming week

While there are still a few more days before 2016 comes to an end, the studio set to take the annual box-office crown has been decided – and its margin is only going to get bigger.

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Scaling Heights

SpaceX weighs in with Falcon Heavy as low-cost satellite launch option

SpaceX hopes to tip the scales in the launch market with its Falcon Heavy rocket.

Dating App CEO to Hook Up With Accelerator

INTERNET: Sean Rad to leave Tinder, shift to sister outfit Swipe Ventures.

Sean Rad to break it off with dating app Tinder.

Twinkies Taker Opts to Return To Blank Check

Gores Group is still sweet on blank-check ventures.

City of L.A. System Tosses Out Trash Businesses

WASTE: Some companies who lost out on franchise zones may shut down.

Some trash-hauling businesses say they have been kicked to the curb by the city of L.A.’s franchise zones.

Los Angeles Stakes Out Space on Street Vending

Los Angeles moves on selling its plan to legalize street vending in the city.

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Future Promises Risks, Rewards for Businesses

LOOK AHEAD: Presidency of Trump, vote to restrict development loom in 2017.

A preview of the business stories that will seize the spotlight in 2017.

Ad Tech Firm Looks to Browser to Click Again

INTERNET: New extension pitched by Rubicon Project asks users to choose ads.

Fatigue from relentless targeted online advertising has spurred a growing share of internet users to download ad blockers – browser extensions that remove digital ads from websites.

Merger Plan Continues to Come Together for Investment Firm

West L.A. investment advisory firm Aspiriant announced last week that it would merge with Stanford Investment Group to create a combined venture with more than $10 billion in assets under management.


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