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Some Workers May Clock Back In

LABOR: Wage hikes will raise threshhold for salaried staffers.

Wage hikes will also cost some employers by raising the exemption threshold for salaried staff.

Little Taco Chain May Take Crack at Big Time

Pink Taco joins the fold of chain operator Real Mex Restaurants, which may have big plans for the brand.

E-Tailer Hopes ‘Store’ Clicks With VIPs

Revolve looks to turn heads with exclusive promotional space.

Clothing e-tailer Revolve has set up shop exclusively to draw the in-person favor of fashion influencers.

Direction Of Tour Business Not in Doubt

Mystery Trip positions surprise destinations as bonding experiences.

Mystery Trip knows where it’s going when it comes to workplace-bonding expeditions for corporate clients.

Taking Steps to Open Up

Though Meryl Pritchard might be traveling to Costa Rica this summer for a week filled with dancing, it’s won’t be some breezy Central American jaunt.

A Look Ahead: What’s on the agenda for Los Angeles business in the coming week

EVENTS: AutoCon won’t settle for second place with L.A.’s car enthusiasts.

AutoCon might be the cheeky little brother of the Los Angeles Auto Show, but that doesn’t mean the principals behind the upstart gathering of car enthusiasts are willing to concede they’re the lesser attraction in town.

The Streamiest Place on Earth?

Why the idea of a marriage between Disney and Netflix has some people’s tongues wagging – and others shaking their heads.

Should Disney dive headfirst into streaming by acquiring industry pioneer Netflix?

Ex-Craft Beer Maker Tees Up Kombucha Future

BEVERAGE: Vet executive to tap years at Coca-Cola to try and conquer market.

Former beer brewer looks to craft a new strategy around tea drink kombucha.

Banks Put Their Money on Backing Community

LENDING: BBCN, Wilshire to boost local investment as part of merger plan.

Merger of BBCN and Wilshire banks could be the latest deal to pay off in more community investment.

Landlords Might Butt In On Smoking by Renters

REAL ESTATE: Campaign aims to instruct city of L.A. property owners on rules.

New campaign aims to educate city of L.A. landlords on their right to snuff out tenant smoking.

Tech Startups Lose Some Charge With Backers

INVESTMENT: VC funding declined in first quarter as sector failed to connect.

Venture capital funding fell in the first quarter as the buzz around the tech sector waned.

Litigation Firm Makes Case With U.S. Prosecutor

EMPLOYMENT: Position at Kendall Brill & Kelly pulled in Robert Dugdale.

After 19 years of government service, a senior leader from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in downtown Los Angeles is heading to one of the city’s premier litigation boutiques.

Beverly Hills Gets on Road to Self-Driving Cars

AUTOMOTIVE: City votes to look in to fleet as way to reduce traffic, pollution.

Beverly Hills is looking to the future by planning to develop a public transportation program featuring self-driving cars.

Humor Website Sold as Media Firm Gets Serious About Future

It was no joke when Demand Media Inc. decided to sell its Cracked.com humor website for $39 million in cash to E.W. Scripps Co.

SPECIAL REPORT: Flipped Switch

High demand for housing has opened door for residential developers to unlock value in older properties by converting traditional office buildings into luxury apartments, condominiums across L.A.

Longtime office properties now house luxury condos and apartments thanks to a hot residential market.

SPECIAL REPORT: Office Vacancies Decline Across L.A.

The L.A. office market is looking up as vacancy rates dropped throughout Los Angeles County in the first quarter.

SPECIAL REPORT: Main events in L.A.’s submarkets in the first quarter.

Main events in L.A.’s submarkets in the first quarter.


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Upcoming events

Goodbye to All That

City of L.A.’s homeless plan can’t be “comprehensive” until it’s put into action.

Making Waves in Shipping

New federal law opens up business opportunities while buoying veteran, fresh players in international trade.

John Cornish expects the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act to make a big splash in international business.

Minimum-Wage Hike? Just Put It on the Bill

John T. Boal cooks up a strategy for restaurants to cope with minimum-wage increases.

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Accelator Aims to Boost Medical Startups’ Pulse

HEALTH CARE: Venture by Cedars, Techstars to focus on industry innovations.

Cedars-Sinai launches accelerator with Techstars to nurse medical sector-focused startups.

Pivot to Profit

ENERGY: Edison hopes for spark from launch of advisory, water management divisions.

Edison International looks to power up its revenue by forming advisory and water usage divisions.

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Competitors Raise Stink Over Garlic

AGRICULTURE: Top importer could lose tariff-free advantage.

Rivals seek to root out a tariff exemption for U.S.’ largest importer of Chinese garlic.

More Relaxed Approach on Spa

Burke Williams keeps things lighter with stripped-down Simply Massage offering.

Burke Williams looks to rub customers the right way with its pared-back, lower-cost Simply Massage outpost.