Hospital Network Shifts ER Strategy

Providence St. Joseph creates outpatient center to handle patients with mental illness.

Medical network to launch an outpatient center to tend mentally ill ER patients.

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Investors Connect To Desert Pipeline

Shares of Cadiz surge after roadblock legislation falters, federal action boosts venture.

Cadiz’s shares climb after its pipeline project dodges a state bill and is buoyed by federal action.

PAGE 3: Dodgers Dip; Hanmi’s Risk; Tronc’s History Lesson

The Los Angeles Dodgers would have to stumble to historic lows to blow a playoff spot this year – and while it’s felt that way recently, the 21-game cushion the club built earlier in the season should hold up.

Buyer Looks to IPO To Feed Brand Deal

Fatburger parent Fat Brands looks to add to its plate with the acquisition of Homestyle Dining.

Protein Bar Maker to Close Two Facilities, Cut 524 Jobs

Protein bar maker Quest Nutrition to shutter two facilities and lay off 524 workers.

Publisher Game For E-Sports Arena

Video-game publisher Activision Blizzard plans a stadium to score e-sports events.

Software Maker Acquired for $128M

Financial software maker Velocify has been acquired by a mortgage industry firm in a $128 million deal.

Hanging in L.A.

Cultural leaders tout Pacific Standard Time event as financial plus.

Museum and other nonprofit leaders frame the new Pacific Standard Time event as a tourism booster.

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Deals & Dealmakers: Investor Folds in Mags

High Times owner Oreva Capital broadens stable with LGBTQ-focused Here.

There’s an upstart media mogul in Los Angeles.

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UCLA, USC Hit Field With QB Marketing Hype

Bruins’ Josh Rosen shines in comeback; Trojans see big things for Sam Darnold.

Give the UCLA Bruins an early leg up on crosstown rival the USC Trojans, thanks to the sort of football win that could spur ticket sales, merchandise and sponsorships.

Sales Technology Firm Rings Up More Business

Appetize expands list of convention centers using its flexible software systems.

Playa Vista point-of-sale technology company Appetize Technologies Inc. is expanding its convention center business.

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M.B.A.s Fade Slightly Into Business Background

EDUCATION: Programs see decline in enrollment as new alternatives attract students.

Enrollment in master of business administration programs at Los Angeles County colleges and universities fell last year as students sought out cheaper alternatives, according to data from the Business Journal’s annual list of largest M.B.A. programs.

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Matter of Degrees – Why Education Matters

L.A. leaders can help future employees make the grade by supporting our local universities.

PAGA Victimizes Workers, Rewards Trial Lawyers

Tom Manzo warns that trial lawyers are exploiting workers and the Private Attorneys General Act.

Bakery Market Rises With Deal

MANUFACTURING: Buyer of BakeMark thinks national.

BakeMark USA’s baking products prove a hot acquisition target.

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Wholesaler Sold On Retail Gold

METALS: A-Mark looks to diversify with Goldline deal.

A-Mark looks to mine new customers and markets with its acquisition of Goldline.

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TV Crews Take Focus

Creative Arts Awards Spread Emmys’ Spotlight

Creative Arts Emmys offer star status to the TV industry’s lesser-known and lesser-paid crews.

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Hotels May Book Records in 2018

Visitor numbers expected to climb despite international tourists’ presidential anxieties.

Local hotels should make room for more visitors in 2018, according to a city of L.A. agency.

Lawsuit Takes Off Over Private Plane

Legal clash of high-powered lawyers for jet ownership may ground duo’s relationship.

Two high-powered attorneys and business partners hit turbulence over co-ownership of a jet.

PAGE 3: Kite’s Flight; LA Weekly’s Fate; Trebek’s Nit-Pick

A couple of members of our recently published LA 500 book of local influentials and a New Yorker with an eye for L.A. deals stood out among a coterie that stands to do awfully well on Gilead’s proposed $11.9 billion acquisition of Santa Monica-based Kite Pharma.

Long Beach Hotel Finds Buyer for $84.8 Million

New owner checks in to Westin Long Beach hotel with $84.8 million acquisition.

Company’s Shares Ride Drone Buzz

Potential military deals help stock of drone maker AeroVironment take off.

Struggling Ambulance Companies See Hope in Rate Hike

To the Rescue?

L.A. ambulance businesses are pursuing a possibly life-saving rate hike from the city.

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Deals & Dealmakers: Healthy Pharma Score

Kite boosts prognosis for L.A. action as Gilead puts $11.9 billion down for firm.

L.A.’s biotech industry has long occupied the No. 3 spot in the state rankings behind San Francisco and San Diego, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be had.

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Beverly Hills Tries to Get Handle on Rent Control

Landlords, tenants in talks over stabilization ordinance enacted by city this winter.

Landlords and renters in Beverly Hills have gone through mediation sessions to try to hammer out an agreement for rent control in the city, but the two sides remain far apart on the issue.

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L.A., Local Businesses Marshall Defenses Online

City’s new Cyber Lab aims to spur information sharing about possible hack attacks.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti didn’t exactly break ground with the launch earlier this month of Los Angeles Cyber Lab, a public-private data-sharing center in downtown that will work to alert local businesses and residents to cyberattacks.

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