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Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Moving Up in World

Foreign-born business owners discuss L.A.'s appeal, challengesForeign-born business owners talk about how they sowed success by putting down roots in Los Angeles.

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Water Worries Circle Catalina

TOURISM: Businesses feel cuts as summer season nears.

Business owners fear water restrictions could sink Catalina’s busy summer season.

Phones in Line For Power Play

TECHNOLOGY: Wireless rivals battle to take charge of market.

UBeam’s battle for the wireless phone-charging market dials up talk of the VHS-Betamax war.

Suit Supporters Court Criticism

LAW: Third-party funders say money can level playing field.

Some third-party funders of plaintiffs’ suits have courted controversy by staking large recovery claims.

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Hacked Off

LAX-dependent cabbies hem in area businesses

LAX-area businesses say cabbies waiting for airport pickups are driving off customers.

Workspace Makes Room For Women

Jen Mojo launched Paper Dolls to host female entrepreneurs.

Jen Mojo started Paper Dolls to provide office space that works for women entrepreneurs.

Father Goes To Bat for Baseball

Richard Murad fields complex for son with $2 million tune-up.

Baseball facility proves a diamond-in-the-rough investment for skin care executive.

Fight for Ticket Goes His Way

Adrian Watson had been thinking of attending the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight since the matchup was first floated years ago.

Regional Report

News and notes from communities across Los Angeles County

Mole-Richardson Co., a nearly 90-year-old maker of lighting for the entertainment industry, is moving its headquarters from Hollywood to Pacoima.

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Assets a Plus

FINANCE: New B. Riley lending arm cares little about cash flow.

Investment Bank B. Riley sets up subsidiary to give asset-rich borrowers the credit banks can’t or won’t.

Medicaid, Obamacare Nurse Healthy First Quarter

HEALTH CARE: Molina’s shares rise after enrollment fuels big earnings jump.

Investment Bank B. Riley sets up subsidiary to give asset-rich borrowers the credit banks can’t or won’t.

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Maker of Tablets for Kids Sizes Up Future Strategy

TECHNOLOGY: Fuhu sees bigger screens as means to connect with whole family.

Kids’ tablet maker Fuhu is making a play for the whole family with new and larger devices.

Developer of Video Slide-Show App Will Go Dark

INTERNET: Slipp only latest iteration of business that began as shopping website.

Video focus fails to sustain Slipp as it tries several business strategies under various names.

Studios Look to Canadian Policy to Chill Pirates

FILM: Independent firms team up to push tougher approach to enforcement.

Small movie studios have cast their eyes north to Canada’s enforcement system in their battle against Internet pirates.

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Online Video Maker Sees Featured Role for Movies

ENTERTAINMENT: Stable of Internet talent to star in AwesomenessTV films.

Online video creator AwesomenessTV pictures a future as a feature film producer.

Previous Departures Pave Way for Further Exits

EMPLOYMENT: Pair of partners ditch O’Melveny to sign on at Irell & Manella.

O’Melveny & Myers continues to be a fertile hunting ground.

Ridesharing Services Hope to Deliver for Parents

INTERNET: HopSkipDrive, Sloop in drive for kid fares not covered by Uber, Lyft.

Need to get your kids from school to soccer practice in Santa Monica while you’re at work? There are now a pair of services for that – and they’re not named Uber or Lyft, since it is the policy of those companies not to carry passengers under the age of 18.

Hunt for Maternity Clothes Gives Birth to Business

RESALE: Owner launches Mama San Boutique to let expectant moms try on items.

April Lawrence didn’t want to compromise her budget or style just because she was pregnant.

Business Groups Hope to Work With City Hall Vet

POLITICS: Carolyn Ramsay piles up endorsments in race for seat on City Council.

Business groups are overwhelmingly supporting City Hall veteran Carolyn Ramsay in this week’s election to replace Tom LaBonge on the Los Angeles City Council.

Wealthiest Angelenos: Rise of the Tech Billionaires

The tech sector – epitomized by Snapchat’s familiar ghost logo – suddenly dominates the ranks of L.A.’s wealthiest. And a new generation now has the opportunity to reshape the region.

Change has come on line as tech reshapes the list of Wealthiest Angelenos and L.A.’s business scene.

Future Came Too Early for Some Tech Startups

Sector survived the dot-com crash to boot up a new generation of startups and entrepreneurs.

Yield-Seeking Investors Look to Corporate Debt

Some of L.A.’s wealthiest look to secure yields from assets such as corporate debt.

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Wealthiest Angelenos: 3, Eli Broad

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Wealthiest Angelenos: 4, David Geffen

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Wealthiest Angelenos: 5, Do Won “Don” & Jin Sook Chang

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