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TRI-CITIES: Burbank Faces Flood of Returned Space From Disney’s Exodus

Real Estate Quarterly

The first quarter was not kind to the Tri-Cities, with the Pasadena, Glendale and Burbank office markets all experiencing negative net absorption. Burbank took the worst hit.

SOUTH BAY: Aerospace Companies’ Flight Boosts Office and Industrial Vacancies

Real Estate Quarterly

Main events in Los Angeles County’s submarkets.

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Sowing Startups

Special Report: Tech Finance

Angels and venture capital firms have sprouted in Los Angeles as the local tech scene has bloomed.

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Sequencing Venture Capital

Special Report: Tech Finance

Business Journal takes a step-by-step look at how funding needs are met as tech startups mature, with profiles of local investors.

L.A. Draws Outside Cash

Special Report: Tech Finance

As startup activity in Los Angeles heats up, venture capital firms and angel investors from outside the region have begun to take notice.

Handling ‘Series A Crunch’

Special Report: Tech Finance

The “Series A crunch,” despite its ominous name, is not much more than an observation.

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Growth Factors

Tightened credit standards at banks have prompted businesses to turn to factors for high-cost, short-term loans.

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Russell Goldsmith: Taking Image Into Account

Russell Goldsmith oversees the growth of City National Bank; now he’s focused on L.A.’s infrastructure

Let Loose in Long Beach

SPECIAL REPORT: Updated zoning plan helps draw developers downtown in L.A. County’s second- biggest city.

Changes to Long Beach’s zoning codes helped turn the city’s downtown into a center of attraction for developers.

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Eight Over 80

Business Journal checks in with eight octogenarians who are too busy to consider retirement.

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Card Punchers

SPECIAL REPORT: Banking & Finance Quarterly

The growing prepaid debit card market has drawn in a wide range of providers including celebrities and L.A. County’s transit agency.

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Too Good to be True


Big-hearted philanthropist, enthusiastic baseball fan and upstanding family man, the late Bruce Friedman was also a convicted felon accused of using lies and manipulation to steal the fortunes of retirees. Friedman’s promises to clients and charities proved to be nothing but talk after authorities shuttered his business as an alleged Ponzi scheme.

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Lab to Market

SPECIAL SECTION: Innovation/Tech Transfer

Science-fiction isn’t a fantasy for these cutting-edge businesses spun off from Caltech, UCLA and USC. L.A.’s three prominent research universities send a range of products into the real world.

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Range War

The battle over Newhall Ranch and its planned 21,000 homes is almost over. The developer looks to have won.

The bucolic Santa Clara River valley features scenic rolling grasslands, oak trees and other habitat typical of Southern California chaparral.

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A Fine Day At the Office

SPECIAL REPORT: Executive Compensation

Most CEOs of local companies are taking home more even as shareholders look to rein in pay.