Moss Adams’ Innovator Award Back in Fashion

Elie Madi tapped for honors at Petersen Automotive Museum

Moss Adams brings back Fashion Innovator Award after two-year hiatus.

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Cadiz Promises $5M in Mojave

UTILITIES: Funds for water systems would come from project’s revenue

Cadiz Inc. donates $5 million toward improving water quality.


Apparel manufacturers invest in digital wholesale site

Apparel manufacturer Fashion Domino finding roadmap to e-commerce retailers.

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Truckers, Warehouse Workers on Strike at Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach

Truck drivers and warehouse workers launched a three-day strike on Oct. 1 at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles claiming unpaid back wages from logistics companies.

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Judge Rejects Appeal of Approval of Refinery Expansion Project

A local judge has rejected an appeal of the environmental approval for the $460 million refinery merger and expansion project proposed by the former Tesoro Corp.

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Preview: One-Person Car Dealer

Jerry Kroll has a simple if daunting mission for his Canadian electric vehicle company – to close the last gas station.

Clorox Backs Homeless Effort

NONPROFITS: Lincoln Heights-based Dolan pairs up with shower service

Dolan Group secures funds for laundry truck.

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BH Firm Takes $10M Bite of Jerky

FINANCE: Monogram Capital’s third investment

Private equity firm Monogram Capital feeds appetite for jerky with another investment.

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Local Energy Firm Executive Forms Project Financing Company

The chief executive of Arensis Corp., a downtown provider of micro waste-to-energy systems, has formed a separate project financing company that will use blockchain and smart-meter technology to better target potential customers, Arensis announced Sept. 25.

$870 Million Approved to Expand On-Dock Rail Facility at Port of Long Beach

The Port of Long Beach Harbor Commissioners approved an $870 million budget for an on-dock rail facility that plans to largely shift cargo movement from trucks to trains.

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Artisanal’s Heady Brew Leads to Fast Growth

Tony Yanow’s Golden Road follow-up set to open 13th location, more to come

Artisanal Brewers Collective expands footprint in L.A.

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Rubber Compound Manufacturer Kirkhill Acquired for $49M

Downey-based Kirkhill Manufacturing Co., makers of rubber compounds used by the aerospace, medical and automotive industries has been acquired by Swedish competitor, Hexpol, for $49 million.

Apparel Manufacturer The Studio Raises $11 Million

The Studio, a downtown-based apparel manufacturer raised an $11 million Series A round led by Silicon Valley-based Ignition Partners.

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L.A. Moves Closer to Banning Sale of Fur

The Los Angeles City Council has unanimously voted for the drafting of legislation that will ban the sale and manufacture of fur-related products in the city.

Port of Los Angeles Awarded $41 Million Grant

The Port of Los Angeles has received a preliminary award of $41 million by the California Air Resource Board to build freight facilities that are near zero-emissions.

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