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Police Arrest 130 Protestors in Downtown L.A.

Los Angeles police arrested 130 protestors early this morning, after the second night of demonstrations against the grand jury verdict in Ferguson, Mo., the Los Angeles Times reports.

SpaceX to Disrupt Satellite Monopoly?

Elon Musk has said that SpaceX can perform a satellite launch for less than $100 million, a fraction of the price charged by a joint venture owned by Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp., which currently has the exclusive right to launch the Air Force's satellites into orbit, the Los Angeles Times reports. Air Force officials will decide whether to certify SpaceX for the launches next month.

Netflix Sues Yahoo CIO

Netflix Inc. sued Mike Kail, its former vice president of IT operations, on Monday, alleging that he accepted kickbacks from vendors, Re/code reports. Kail is currently the chief information officer of Yahoo Inc.

South L.A. Residents Seek Study of Oil Drilling

Neighbors are pushing for an environmental study of oil drilling by the Freeport-McMoRan petroleum company at a South Los Angeles location close to homes, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Old Pipe in Beverly Hills Water Main Break is Not Yet Up for Replacement

The latest in a stream of water main breaks took place on Tuesday, when a break caused flooding on Benedict Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills, closing the road until 8 p.m., ABC reports. The pipe in question was installed in 1953, and has had three leaks since 1997, but it is not yet up for replacement.

Google Invests in Anti-Spill Spoon

Google is funding a new spoon with anti-shake technology designed to help those who suffer from Parkinson’s and other conditions that cause body tremors to eat without spilling, the Independent reports.

Reports of Gunshots Lead Police to 152 Roosters

Police arrived at a Riverside County home on Tuesday to investigate gunshots heard in the area, and instead found 152 illegal cockfighting roosters, the Desert Sun reports.

Stocks Mixed

The Dow Jones industrial average was down 10 points in Wednesday morning trading to 17,804. The S&P 500 was up two points to 2,069. The Nasdaq was up 13 points to 4,771.

Protestors Shut Down the 110 After Ferguson Verdict

After it was announced that a grand jury had decided not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, protestors took the streets in Los Angeles and throughout the nation. Local protests Monday night following the decision extended from Beverly Hills, where demonstrators lay down in the street to emulate how Brown’s body was found, to Leimert Park. About 150 demonstrators broke through a fence and walked onto the 110 freeway near the interchange with the 10, briefly shutting it down, the Los Angeles Times reports. At least one protestor was detained in Los Angeles.

AAA Predicts More Southern Californians Will Congest Freeways on Thanksgiving

The auto club predicts that 3.5 million Southern Californians are expected to travel for Thanksgiving, the most since 2007, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Sony Pictures Hacked

Culver City’s Sony Pictures Entertainment suffered a widespread hack on Monday that shut down company computers coast to coast, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Proposal Would Build Trails Where Mountain Lion Entered Griffith Park

A proposed project under consideration by the city of Los Angeles would open trails on land near Griffith Park that is considered a vital wildlife corridor and believed to be the location where mountain lion P-22 crossed the 101 freeway into Griffith Park, KPCC reports.

FDA to Require Calorie Counts at Chain Restaurants, Movie Theaters

The Food and Drug Administration announced sweeping rules on Tuesday that would require chain restaurants, movie theaters and pizza parlors with more than 20 outlets to post calorie counts on their menus, the New York Times reports.

Film Piracy Suspects Arrested in U.K.

Two men have been arrested in the north of England on suspicion of leaking copies of “The Expendables 3” online before its release, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

How to Avoid Poisoning Your Dinner Guests on Thanksgiving

Defrost your frozen turkey in its original wrapper in your refrigerator. Safe defrosting is one of five tips to avoid poisoning your dinner guests this Thanksgiving, provided by KPCC.