Wages in the Los Angeles area rose a modest 0.9 percent to a median of $60,420 in February from a year ago, according to a survey released March 6 from online job site Glassdoor.

That’s below the national wage growth rate of 1 percent in February, according to Glassdoor, and well below San Francisco’s 3.1 percent wage growth rate and New York’s 1.8 percent rate.

Glassdoor aggregates online listings of job openings. Glassdoor uses a formula to get an indication of the current market median salary by industry. The Los Angeles data includes Orange County.

Glassdoor tracked 212,700 job openings in the Los Angeles market in February, up 22 percent from February 2017.

Breaking out the wage data, Glassdoor found that the median wage increases by the size of the company. The median pay at companies with fewer than 50 people was $54,515, while the median pay at companies with more than 5,000 employees was $61,096.

Delivery drivers saw the biggest wage increase, jumping 5.2 percent to $47,048. That was followed by restaurant cooks, who saw a 4.5 percent increase to $33,149. Bartenders saw the biggest wage drop, falling 6.9 percent to $31,013, followed by higher education professors, down 3 percent to $111,356.

Pharmacists had the highest median salary in February of $135,706, followed by attorneys at $133,182. Retail cashiers had the lowest median salary of $30,715, followed by bartenders.

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