For nearly 100 years, Bank of America has been investing in the financial and career success of women customers and employees

As a major global financial company, Bank of America is proud to truly represent our clients and communities, with 50 percent of our workforce being female, as is more than 40 percent of our global management team, and 30 percent of our board of directors.

And here in Los Angeles, our women executives have been leading the way since the 1920s – not long after women first won the right to vote! Indeed, Bank of America was the first financial institution in the United States to open a division specifically dedicated to the financial needs of women, and in 1923, the Bank of America Women’s Banking Division in Los Angeles opened its doors.

Since then, the bank has been investing in the financial and career success of women customers and employees, to empower them in making meaningful contributions both at work and in the community.


Today, nearly one hundred years later, as Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s senior vice president for commercial business here in Los Angeles, I am proud of our commitment to women both in and outside of the company.

Particularly notable are the thoughtful and comprehensive benefits to help women manage the often conflicting demands of work and personal life, such as:

• Flexible work arrangements, tuition reimbursement, and 16 weeks of paid maternity, paternity, and adoptive leave for all our parents.

• Fertility and maternity support, including reimbursement for nursing mothers shipping breast milk while away on business travel.

What I am most proud of, however, is our focus on providing fair and equitable pay for all of our employees. In our most recent internal review of total compensation for all U.S. and UK employees, we found that compensation for women is 99 percent of that received by men.


Our progressive workplace policies have supported women at all levels of our organization, including helping to cultivate an impressive roster of some of the financial industry’s top bankers – male or female – based here in Los Angeles who run regional and national lines of business at Bank of America, ranging from commercial real estate to wealth management and construction finance.

In fact, collectively, about a dozen of these remarkable colleagues manage more than 5,800 employees along with multi-billion dollar books of business, portfolios, and revenue streams. But perhaps most impressive, they manage all this while serving on a variety of local nonprofit boards, volunteering in the community, serving as mentors for younger colleagues, and families of their own.

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