Netflix spending billions on programming, Surf Airlines launches weekend getaways, Bird sued in Milwaukee

Bird Scooters Banned in Milwaukee

Santa Monica-based Bird Rides Inc., which launched in Milwaukee on June 17, is being sued by the city. According to Milwaukee Business News, the city’s deputy attorney deemed the company's electric scooters illegal to operate across Milwaukee due to the state’s motor vehicle licensing laws, and also demanded that Bird remove its scooters from the city streets. The city of Milwaukee is one of several banning the scooters, including San Francisco and West Hollywood.

Surf Airlines Offers Weekend Trips

Surf Airlines Inc., a private airline company offering “all you can fly” travel between Silicon Beach and Silicon Valley, launched a weekend getaway program for its members this week, SoCaltech reports. The company will begin merging its Surf Air flights with tours and adventures in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Santa Barbara, for a starting price of $1200 per guest.

Netflix Set to Spend Over $13 Billion on Programming

IGN reported last Thursday that Netflix Inc., which operates partially from an office in Hollywood, is expected to spend more than $13 billion on original programming this year. The estimate includes documentaries, TV series, movies and comedy specials. That said, Netflix has yet to turn a significant profit, and still posts an outstanding debt of $8.5 billion, despite its 57 million subscribers in the United States.

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