Mattel cancels artificially intelligent baby monitor over privacy concerns, career guide Fuel50 raises $2.5 million and SpaceX president slams space regulations.

Mattel Cancels Artificially Intelligent Baby Monitor Over Privacy Concerns

Toymaker Mattel has shelved plans to build an “all-in-one voice-controlled smart baby monitor,” after complaints about the device were raised by privacy advocates and child psychologists, reports the Verge. Mattel claimed its artificially intelligent baby monitor would read children bedtime stories, soothe them if they cried in the night and teach them their ABCs.

Career Guide Fuel50 raises $2.5 Million

Career guide Fuel50 has raised a $2.5 million Series A round led by Rincon Venture Partners and Bonfire Ventures, reports PE Hub. Fuel50 is cloud-based career guiding software that helps employees set career goals.

SpaceX President Slams Space Regulations

SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell called for deregulation as space industry executives met with White House officials Thursday at the first National Space Council since it was disbanded in 1993, reports CNBC. SpaceX wants the Federal Aviation Administration licensing process streamlined so it can launch more frequently.

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