Augmented reality company Daqri of downtown Los Angeles has begun shipping its Smart Glasses.

The company believes its smart glasses have the potential to address a much larger market than its previous Smart Helmet product, an industrial hardhat with a retractable augmented reality lens that allows workers to view 3-D images overlaid onto equipment to help them with repair and assessments.

“There are a lot more use cases around inspection and design review, where you don’t necessarily need to wear a hardhat,” said Gaia Dempsey, Daqri’s co-founder and vice president of business operations.

The smart glasses are lighter than the helmet product and don’t have a thermal sensor, but retain similar computing performance and can be used as safety glasses, said Dempsey.

The smart glasses cost $4,995 apiece. Early customers include heavy machinery manufacturer Siemens AG of Munich and construction service Royal BAM Group of the Netherlands, the company said.