Volvo Signs Deal for AeroVironment’s EV Chargers

AeroVironment Inc. has been selected by Volvo to supply wall-mounted electric vehicle charging units for the company, according to a press release. AeroVironment is developing a custom EV charger to match the branding of the Volvo XC90 and the company’s plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Hulu Live TV Won’t Include Viacom Networks

Hulu’s live TV service will not include programming from Viacom Networks, reports Variety. Hulu’s decision to not go forward with live Viacom programming comes after the video-on-demand distribution agreement between the two companies expired last month.

DirecTV Sports Fee Varies Wildly by Zip Code

DirecTV subscribers pay anywhere from $0 to $7.29 a month to watch the same exact sports networks and teams in different Zip Codes, reports The Consumerist. Comcast is being sued over a similar fee, and lawmakers have asked cable providers to explain these charges.