SpaceX explains plans to land three boosters at once, inside LA 2024’s social media strategy for winning the Olympics, and Global Eagle fully rents out a satellite.

SpaceX Explains Plans to Land Three Boosters at Once

As part of an effort to earn approval from U.S. Airforce, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. disclosed its plans to land three Falcon Heavy boosters at once, reports Ars Technica. SpaceX is planning to build two additional landing pads at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida while also keeping the option to land one or two boosters on drone ships in the Atlantic Ocean.

Inside LA 2024’s Social Media Strategy for Winning the Olympics

LA 2024 is working with agency Laundry Service, owned by Wasserman Media Group, on a social media campaign to win the Olympic bid, reports DigiDay. Los Angeles appears to be the most popular bid on social media with about 210,000 followers on Facebook, compared to Paris 2024’s 62,000 followers, and Budapest 2024’s 43,600 followers.

Global Eagle Fully Rents Out a Satellite

Global Eagle Entertainment has fully leased the capacity of a telecommunications satellite, reports Space News. The company previously only leased a portion of the undisclosed satellite’s capacity, but due to increased demand from Southwest Airlines it decided to rent the entire thing.

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