Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Tuesday unveiled a new customer Bill of Rights for the Department of Water and Power, including a guarantee of new business service connections within 10 business days.

The bill of rights is a package of service guarantees and commitments designed to restore the massive agency’s credibility after a fiasco three years ago when a new billing system was launched that resulted in customer overcharges and delays in service. Garcetti campaigned for mayor on a promise to reform the DWP’s service and management.

“Reliable, affordable, and accountable service from LADWP is not a privilege - it is a right that belongs to every Angeleno who relies on our utility,” Garcetti said in a statement. “The LADWP Customer Bill of Rights is a promise that we will never stop working to improve the customer experience, and a commitment to delivering the service all ratepayers should be able to expect - and always deserve.”

The LADWP customer Bill of Rights was introduced to the agency’s board of commissioners on Tuesday, but because not all commissioners were present, the board voted to take up the package at its next meeting on Jan. 17.

While most of the service commitments and guarantees are aimed at residential customers, one provision specifically targets small business customers. It says that new business service connections of 200 amps or less shall be completed within 10 business days after an approved final inspection or the business customer will receive a $25 credit.

Solar panel installation companies could see their wait times for interconnections for residential projects drop under a separate guarantee of 10-day approval.

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