The Library of Congress will stop archiving all public tweets; LG is working with a mapping provider to create products for self-driving vehicles; and Amazon released details from the recent holiday shopping season.

Library of Congress No Longer Archiving All Public Tweets

The Library of Congress has been archiving all public posts on Twitter since the social media platform launched but the research institution for the United States Congress is abandoning that practice, according to a white paper released this week, Recode reports. Instead, the library will archive tweets on a “very selective basis,” including “thematic and event-based” tweets related to “events such as elections, or themes of ongoing national interest, e.g. public policy.”

LG Working With Mapping Provider to Create Products for Self-Driving Vehicles

LG is working with mapping provider Here to create products for self-driving and semi-autonomous vehicles, TechCrunch reports. The electronics, appliances and mobile device company is looking to pair its telematics technology with Here’s location services and high-res maps to help carmakers offer a “communications hub” for both autonomous and semi-autonomous cars.

Amazon Releases Holiday Sales Details

E-commerce giant Amazon has released details from its holiday shopping season. Among the findings: Twice as many customers signed up for Prime membership to take advantage of free, quick-turn delivery doubled than last year, Amazon devices, such as Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick, were among the top sellers, and “millions of Prime members” used Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant to shop for gifts.