Canary Health Partners With Medtronic to Expand Diabetes Care

Los Angele-based health management software firm Canary Health has announced its partnership with Medtronic, SoCalTech reports. Canary Health said Medtronic will help them expand their diabetes care with the Canary Health self-management suite for pre-diabetes, diabetes, and related comorbidities. Medtronic will become a reseller and distributor for these pre-existing services.

Napster to Return to Los Angeles

The formerly Los Angeles based music streaming service Napster will return to the area as a rebrand of streaming service Rhapsody, reports SoCalTech. Rhapsody announced its plans to rebrand as Napster sometime this summer on Tuesday. Napster was headquartered in Los Angeles until 2011 when the company was split in a sale between Rhapsody and Best Buy.

SpaceX Rocket Crashes During Landing Attempt

A SpaceX rocket booster crashed Wednesday at Cape Canaveral, Fla. following the successful launch of two satellites by the Falcon 9 rocket, the Associated Press reports. SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk plans to continue reusing boosters to lower launch costs. Successful landing were achieved in April and May when boosters landed on a floating platform off Florida’s east coast.

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