Human resources software maker Cornerstone OnDemand has signed a large contract with Japanese conglomerate Hitachi Group.

Cornerstone will provide its employee training and supervision software to help Hitachi manage its more than 350,000 employees, the company said in a statement. Cornerstone has been pushing to grow its business in Asia over the past couple of years and signing Hitachi is a significant boost to those efforts.

Cornerstone’s cloud-based software is designed to help large companies better manage their employees via hiring features, employee evaluation tools and training management tools. The company has also branded its products as a career development resource for employees.

Through subsidiaries, Hitachi is involved in a variety of industries including, power infrastructure, telecommunication systems, construction machinery, automotive systems and healthcare. Cornerstone’s software will be used across about a 1,000 of Hitachi’s subsidiaries.

Cornerstone’s Asian other clients included Nissan Motor Co. and Kate Spade Japan Co. The company also has contracts with large American companies, such as Staples Inc., Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc., Walgreens Co. and Waste Management Inc.