ZipRecruiter, a hiring platform for businesses, has recruited a new chief financial officer.

Brian Barnum, a former chief financial officer and chief operating officer at advertising automation platform Rubicon Project, will join the Santa Monica company’s executive team. Barnum was most recently chief financial officer of DemandBase, a Software-as-a-Service marketing automation platform for business-to-business clients.

“We’ve always been profitable at ZipRecruiter, and we’re putting in place the infrastructure to ensure we continue to be," said co-founder and Chief Executive Ian Siegel. "Brian is a huge part of that. His broad range of experience allows us to consider every option up through going public."

ZipRecruiter secured $63 million in Series A funding in August, its first raise since launching in 2010. Siegel said ZipRecruiter is still on track to double its 150-person team by next year.

And as to whether Barnum was recruited through ZipRecruiter’s hiring platform?

"Though we’ve used ZipRecruiter for the majority of our hires, this is a case where I’ve known Brian for years," Siegel said. "My experience with him at, plus all the great things he’s done since, pointed to him being a fantastic choice for this job."

Editor's Note: This story has been updated with Siegel's comments.

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