The ongoing march toward pushing every activity though our mobile phones has reached the valet.

Mar Vista's Just Scan It, an app maker specializing in mobile scanning, has rolled out a self-named iOS app that aims to loop valet services and drivers into a single network. Its lofty goals are to replace what could be the biggest annoyances of the current system: paper tickets, waiting for cars to be brought around and paying in cash.

When you pull up to a valet spot, you can use Just Scan It to scan a QR code the valet hands you, which acts as the individual ticket. Just Scan It can also store information such as name and phone number along with the car make and model. When you want to retrieve your car you inform the valet through the app - and as the Just Scan It people helpfully add, you can inform the valet a few minutes beforehand, which gives them enough time to bring the car around when you arrive.

There's also a feature where valet attendants can send notifications to the drivers informing them of the average wait time. So if the cars are backed up, why not wait it out in the restaurant? You can pay through the app as well using a credit card.

The system is also designed to work for bellhops. At release, Just Scan It is partnered with a handful of restaurants and hotels in Los Angeles, including the Mozza complex in Highland Park and the Six Restaurant in Calabasas and Studio City.

The company charges valet companies for the app, which is its first product. Just Scan It was founded last year and says it also has several other products in development.