Do you enjoy working with her on a daily basis?

Yeah, I do every day, except yesterday when she got mad at me. It’s really wonderful to be in this together. I think it must be hard for her because I’m just so into this. I come here every morning by cab so she can have the car. I leave at 7:15 in the morning. We don’t go home until 6. Of course, we share excitement and we share sadness.

What about your children?

We have three daughters and nine grandchildren. We take a big interest in our grandkids. I always say to our kids that I like our grandkids a lot better than I like our kids. And I think they like us better, too.

What drew you to study theology?

I was drawn to theology because I grew up in a very spiritual home. My dad was the most important person in my life. My dad was very spiritual. I wanted to please him so I went to Princeton for three years. I’m glad I did because I learned a lot but I didn’t want to be a minister. I really wanted to do something else with people.

So you went into psychology?

I went to the University of Chicago. At the time it was a top clinical program. I love psychology but it gets pretty grueling to see eight or nine people a day for an hour apiece.

You must hear some difficult stories.

Oh, my gosh, the reason we started eHarmony is that I used to say that I presided over the funerals of more marriages. When two people are going through the end of a marriage, they are so sad. They are so hurt and angry. Usually the marriage was in pretty bad shape when it started. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could get the right people together at the beginning.

What were your parents like?

My mom and dad went to country schools in Iowa. My dad went to the Capital City Commercial College in Des Moines, Iowa. My mom was kind of a traditional farm girl. My dad was absolutely brilliant. He was truly an entrepreneur. I know that’s where I got my entrepreneurial side. But because we were so spiritually oriented, he would just get to the place of really doing financially well and then he’d put his brakes on and work more in the church. I haven’t had the same problem.