If content delivery networks are like highways, then Edgecast has created an express lane.

The Santa Monica company has created a special network for delivering e-commerce data to computer screens.

Called Edgecast Transact, the product is meant to load e-commerce pages quickly regardless of whether the website is experiencing a spike in traffic or being hacked.

Edgecast said it has focused on e-commerce because website problems can cost a retailer significant dollars. A customer, for example, might leave Amazon.com without purchasing anything if the website is slow to load.

"It’s the only segment where a delay is literally translatable to money," said Anthony Citrano, vice president of communications and marketing at Edgecast. "We had a lot of e-commerce customers coming to us from other vendors to ask how we could help performance."

Edgecast operates a content delivery network, which stores a website’s data on remote servers and then sends that data to a person’s Internet browser when they are trying to access that webpage. Previously, Edgecast customers all used the same network. Now, e-commerce customers have a network of their own.

The company has yet to announce which customers are using Edgecast Transact, but has counted e-commerce companies such as Etsy and Magento as customers in the past.