There are many examples of places where high-rise towers abut low-rise neighborhoods. In Vancouver, Canada, along the route of its Sky Train, they have built impressive high-rise projects adjacent to transit stops. Locally, Wilshire Boulevard comes to mind.

Millennium Partners and Argent Ventures, the developers of this project, have spent six years fine-tuning their plans to come up with a development worthy of this world-class site. What they have proposed is a landmark and iconic development that makes an important statement about Hollywood. They are preserving Hollywood’s rich past, but looking to the future. They are saying that Hollywood’s best days are not behind us, but ahead. It is a project that announces that Hollywood is indeed back and will be an important player in the regional economy.

Sure, it might be politically easier to knock the project down, but then we’ll get more of what we’ve always gotten in Los Angeles. Isn’t it time that we started taking a few chances and do things that are a little more daring? If we truly want to change the paradigm in Los Angeles, isn’t it time to start doing it? If you can’t build something truly exciting in Hollywood, then where can you build it? Isn’t it time we started listening to our planning experts and do real planning?

Leron Gubler is president and chief executive of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.