Musically inclined cats could soon have reason to purr.

At the Games for Cats Hackathon this weekend, the winning tablet app was a game that allows cats to make music with their paws.

The quartet behind the app are Los Angeles-based developers who went by the name Team Catastrophe.

“This was so much fun, it was a really great experience for our entire team,” said J. Spencer Kennedy of Team Catastrophe in a statement. “I’m really proud of our team. We were able to come up with the concept on the first day and we worked at a remarkable pace to complete our vision for the game.”

The hackathon took place at Venice tech accelerator Amplify.LA. Team Catastrophe competed against more than 50 gamers and developers at the event, which was sponsored by cat food maker Friskies, to win the $15,000 first place prize.

Friskies will retain rights to the app and could eventually develop the game to include in its portfolio of cat games. The company’s games typically include brightly colored moving objects, such as fish or birds, that a cat can chase.