The defense electronics system division of Alliant Techsystems Inc. will begin relocating from Woodland Hills to Northridge at the end of the month.

The aerospace and defense contractor is consolidating a five-building campus in Warner Center into a 120,000 square feet building in the north-central San Fernando Valley.

The division will start moving office functions by the end of December and will move the production facilities in the spring, according to a spokesperson.

The move comes as the division goes into full production on a missile system for the U.S. Navy and the Italian military for use against stationary and mobile enemy air defense systems. The weapon has a potential of bringing in $1 billion in revenue over 10 years for Alliant, which is headquartered in Arlington, Va. and better known as ATK.

The defense electronics division in the Valley does research and development and manufacturing of weapon systems for the Pentagon. The division has about 250 employees and also has facilities in Texas and Florida.