NantWorks LLC on Tuesday said that it had acquired an Arizona company that specializes in the remote monitoring of a patient’s vital signs and other medical data.

The West Los Angeles company founded by biotech billionaire Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong said the technology developed by Boston Life Labs of Phoenix will be integrated with other recent acquisitions in the health information sphere.

Boston Life Labs, which has been renamed NantCare LLC, makes hardware and software products enabling wireless devices to measure blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and medication management and transmit the information to a patient’s doctor.

“Chronic illness has become epidemic, and that is the biggest problem facing our health care system, both in terms of health outcomes and costs,” said Soon-Shiong, NantWorks’ chairman and chief executive, in a statement. “NantCare’s technology enables health care providers to monitor patients with chronic conditions, in their homes or wherever they may be.”