Los Angeles County is home to several hundred medical device makers. Here are some of the larger or more prominent manufacturers:

Advanced Bionics Corp.
Neurological treatment devices

Manufactures bionic devices to treat neurological conditions, such as hearing loss and chronic pain. First product was a cochlear implant that restores hearing to the deaf more effectively than conventional hearing aids. Its success prompted Boston Scientific Co. in 2004 to acquire the privately held company for $740 million from noted serial entrepreneur Alfred Mann, who founded it in 1993. Latest product is an implantable spinal cord stimulation device to relieve chronic pain by sending tiny electrical impulses to nerves to mask pain signals going to the brain. Technology was based on research from USC's Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering. Company scheduled to relocate headquarters to a larger facility at the Mann Biomedical Park in Valencia.

OSI Systems Inc.
Medical monitoring and anesthesia systems

Publicly traded OSI Systems, better known for its security and inspection equipment, also has a medical division with products including digital medical monitoring devices, anesthesia systems, and vaporizers and ventilators used in hospitals and clinics. Also provides electrocardiogram laboratory services to pharmaceutical companies undertaking clinical trials. Medical division based in Hawthorne, with subsidiaries in Washington state and the United Kingdom obtained through acquisitions. The medical division generated $196 million in revenues last year.

BioSense Webster Inc.
Cardiac catheters
Diamond Bar

Company founder Will Webster pioneered the first viable deflectable tip catheter, a tube that can be inserted into a body cavity duct or blood vessel more than 30 years ago. Biosense Webster, which was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 1997, has gone on to become the industry leader in therapeutic and diagnostic catheters. Its software mapping tools also have changed the way cardiologists diagnose and treat irregular heart rhythms known as arrhythmias. Its Carto XP navigation and ablation system provides real-time data for three-dimensional, color-coded cardiac maps detailing electrical activity of the heart, and also tracks in real time the location of the diagnostic catheter.

Iris International Inc.
Body fluid testing systems

A publicly traded company incorporated in 1979, Iris designs and manufactures diagnostic systems and related supplies for urinalysis and body fluids testing. Diagnostic products include automated urine analyzers, urine chemistry strips, products for instrument and visual reading, and workstations that perform microscopy and chemistry testing. The company also makes centrifuges, semiautomated DNA processing workstations, and blood analysis products. Conducts government-sponsored research and development in medical imaging and software, as well as contract research for corporate clients. The company generated $63 million in revenues last year.

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