Stories for August 9, 1999

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What is smart growth? A lot of people are using the term today; not many agree on what it is. But this much is known; smart growth concerns everyone from janitors to CEOs, from retailers to manufacturers, from developers to environmentalists.


San Fernando Valley hospitals are giving up bed space and will continue to do so as health providers push for more outpatient treatment, merge with other hospitals or abandon outdated facilities.


Origins: The Spaniards moved to the area in the 1700s and founded the San Fernando Mission there. In 1890, some Illinois businessmen moved to the area, planted an olive grove and set up an olive packing plant. In the 1920s, the area became known for its t

Valley Talk add

Each year, the CaliforniaMart gives an award to an "entertainment entity in television, film or music that, in the past 12 months, has gained national attention and popularity through the creation of a unique perspective on fashion."


With a 2 percent apartment vacancy rate in most of the San Fernando Valley and little construction expected soon, the apartment market is expected to get even tighter in the months ahead. And that is spurring apartment owners to hike rents.


One of the continuing puzzles of marketing life is the disproportionate amount of energy and resources allocated to generating leads.

Letter Holden

I am alarmed by recent television commercials by cable companies claiming that the government should take its hands off the Internet.

Nurse Union

The drive to unionize medical professionals in the Los Angeles area could advance this week when 250 registered nurses at a Valencia hospital vote on whether to join the California Nurses Association.


When news broke in May that Valley Economic Development Center Inc. Chairman David Honda had asked for the resignation of its president, John J. Rooney, the board decided to squelch word of the rift.


It may look like a whole lot of rolling hills and not much else, but the 270,000 acres of cattle land at the top of the Grapevine will be L.A.'s next frontier, if Tejon Ranch Co.'s vision comes to pass.

Avoid Fraud

In today's "information-age" environment of internet purchasing, credit card fraud causes more financial headaches than ever before. Compiled below are twenty practical tips to avoiding credit card-related crimes being committed at your expense.


How about the Los Angeles Bills? Or Cardinals? Or even yes, once again the Los Angeles Raiders?


If the next-generation Joint Strike Fighter jets were built in Los Angeles County, it would not only add 40,000 jobs to California's aerospace industry, it would also save the federal government $2.2 billion.


Thursday is production time at the Business Journal a long, often chaotic day under the best of circumstances. But in recent weeks, it's gotten just a wee bit crazier, courtesy of several late-breaking stories.


Now that the smoke has cleared from the executive shuffle at Warner Bros., one executive emerging as a key Hollywood player is Richard Parsons, president of Time Warner Inc., which owns the studio.


After spending an extended stretch in the doldrums, biotech stocks have roared back over the last few weeks and helping drive that resurgence is Thousand Oaks-based Amgen Inc.

Wayout Metropolitan

Except for the unusually large number of cars lining its short cobblestone driveway, there's no outward sign that the graceful gray manse is anything other than yet another Hancock Park-area home.


On a day that Net stocks are taking a beating and Santa Monica is clouded in gloom, Richard Rosenblatt seems remarkably sunny. At 30, Rosenblatt has reason to be happy he just sold his Internet company, iMall, for some $425 million.


Last week's news that Los Angeles and New York would be allowed to provide charter flights to Cuba triggered an avalanche of calls to local travel agencies licensed to arrange such flights even though nothing is expected to be available until October or


Steven Abraham will co-lead PriceWaterhouseCooper's communications and entertainment/media consulting practice in the Americas region. He will be based in Century City and continue his role as managing partner of global entertainment and media consulting.


Internet stocks aren't the first to involve hype and volatility. Just look at the wacky world of "pure play" film companies, where Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. and Pixar have a combined stock market value of $4.6 billion on a trickle of movies.


Even without frills, renovating a big, unencumbered warehouse with no doors or corner offices will run $15 to $30 per square foot or up to $1.2 million for a 40,000-square-foot warehouse.


The drive to unionize medical professionals in the Los Angeles area could advance this week when 250 registered nurses at a Valencia hospital vote on whether to join the California Nurses Association.


20th Century Industries TW 18.88 0.0 27.13 16.00 20.3 NYSE


Eduardo Quezada delivers the news to more of L.A. than anyone else, as news anchor for Spanish-language KMEX-TV, Channel 34, the flagship station of the Univision Network.


The 30 or so people filing out of the cardio room at the Warren Garrett Training Center in Agoura Hills hardly notice the guy who has flopped onto a chair, spent and sweaty and pulling on a sports drink.

Wayout Picture Mill

John Parkinson, the architect who designed L.A. City Hall, Bullock's Wilshire, and other local landmarks, never would have envisioned the fate of his 1931 Art Deco-style edifice in Hollywood.


Local real estate values finally have caught up with the region's booming economy, with the total assessed value of L.A. County properties rising 6 percent in 1998, the sharpest jump since 1992.


Network television's spinmeisters were out in full force during three weeks of sessions with TV critics from around the country to defend the penchant for young, beautiful and decidedly Anglo faces in this fall's programming lineup.


An Aug. 2 opinion column by Rohit K. Shukla ("Closed System Allows Competition") should have identified the writer as a member of the Board of Information Technology Commissioners.


10 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK: Saying he was proud to "sign this monster," President Bush approved sweeping legislation to rescue the nation's troubled savings and loan industry and put a $50-billion bailout into effect Hilton Hotels Corp. gave its financial adv


Los Angeles-based public companies reported strong earnings gains in the second quarter ended June 30, with retail, oil and financial services companies posting some of the biggest gains.


When a wave of consolidation hits an industry - a classic example is funeral homes, but many others are developing -- an independent owner is forced into some choices. You can sell, and join the trend, or you can maintain your independence -- and face sti

Finding a Bank

Taking the time to search for the right bank, or potential investor is critical to a company's long-term success.

Wayout Mika

Peer through the vertical glass in the door of the Mika Co. office and you'll see the ruby red lips that frame the blue skies and marshmallow clouds of a Dali-esque painting in the lobby.


After years of squabbling over what to do with the County-USC Medical Center, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors reached what they call a compromise solution two weeks ago.

Real Estate

Well, maybe not to every neighborhood, but the gourmet grocer is in the midst of an expansion around the Westside.

Ask Lorraine

QUESTION: Recently I quit my job while awaiting the birth of my first baby. I decided not to go back to my "day job" and instead stay home to raise my child. However, I'm already getting antsy, and my baby hasn't even been born yet. What should I consider


Van de Kamp's Holland Dutch Bakery, the Glassell Park landmark with the distinctive Flemish gables and distinctive chimneys, may soon become home to two-by-fours and fast-food burgers rather than the bear claws and cinnamon rolls of days gone by.


While the number of licensed beds in L.A. County's 25 largest hospitals remained essentially flat from the past year (16,281 from 16,268), the number of beds actually available fell by almost 1,000 (14,318 last year vs. 13,460 today).


Perhaps raising a yellow flag for investors, New York-based tech analyst Vik Grover at Kaufman Bros., a boutique investment banking firm, recently lowered to "hold" from "buy" his rating on Westlake Village-based Coyote Network Solutions Inc.


Small businesses are getting harder to define. Annual gross sales and number of employees are no longer in lock-step. One company with six computers and eight employees can generate $50M annually, while another may need 80 employees and thousands of squar


John J. Rooney, president of the Valley Economic Development Center, resigned last week and the agency's vice president, Wilma Berglund, is expected to take over as acting president, members of the group's board confirmed.

Main Office

At the Santa Monica offices of software design firm Westmark Harris Advisors, a black Labrador Retriever named Ivy pads over to the front door to greet visitors, then settles down for a nap on the concrete floor.


A Blue Ribbon Telecommunications Task Force established 18 months ago with the support of Mayor Richard Riordan and members of the City Council will issue a report Aug. 19 recommending that an industry veteran be hired to oversee the future development of


The caption of a photo accompanying the June 28 story "Mall Builders Going Topless" misidentified the Plaza d' Northridge shopping center and its location. Its actual location is at the corner of Plummer Street and Shirley Avenue in Northridge.

Small Biz

Core Business: Offering subscribers full-service betting on horse racing over the Internet


As the new president of Food 4 Less, Dave Hirz intends to keep the company growing in the midst of the merger frenzy that has descended on the grocery industry.


Six years ago, at the age of 70, Phil Torf inherited the House of Props from his uncle. The business is located in a nondescript building in Hollywood, alongside film labs and optical houses. Its 14,000 square feet of space is packed with everything from

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Cash Flow

Edward and Jerry Tishkoff rent out pianos to shows like "ER," "Frasier," and "Mad TV," but their offices look more like "Barney Miller."

Tech Talk

It's high time for the entertainment industry to embrace the new digital reality a sentiment reflected in this year's Herring on Hollywood conference, entitled "Convergence: Deal With It."

Wayout End

At The End, a commercial and music video production company, the hub of the workplace is, quite literally, a hub.

Wayout Southpark

Inside the South Park studio there's a pagoda, a recording studio with an adobe roof, an animation area with a thatched grass roof, and a shrine to the glam-rock band KISS.


Here's a new and important reason to check your credit history: Some of your lenders may not be reporting the full status of your account.


For a medium that's supposed to be interactive, the Web can be a pretty lonely place.

Fast Track

Top Executives: Perry Solomon, president and chief executive; Marie Solomon, executive vice president and chief financial officer


The sun may still be high in the sky, but it's fall at the mall as retailers set their sites on back-to-school business.

RE Column

Speculative office construction has come to a halt in some parts of the San Fernando Valley, but that's not stopping one particular developer from moving forward with such a project in Westlake Village.


Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering


It looks like a piece of Velcro. But instead of replacing shoelaces or zippers, promoters want you to stick it in your mouth.

LA Stories

Each year, the CaliforniaMart gives an award to an "entertainment entity in television, film or music that, in the past 12 months, has gained national attention and popularity through the creation of a unique perspective on fashion."


The financial services industry has gone through a number of monumental changes in the last 30 years, starting with the emergence of the commercial paper bond market in the late 1960s, followed by the securitizations of home mortgages and the elimination


There is a shift taking place. It is a change of attitude. This shift is happening throughout our culture. It is to be found both in the individual and in the company. This shift is the focus of the future. Is it the new revolution - a revolution of thoug


If you thought future rail projects by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority were dead, think again.


Telecom companies spent nearly $250,000 during the second quarter to lobby L.A. City Hall over who should have access to high-speed cable lines for Internet service, according to reports filed with the L.A. City Ethics Commission.


When Windmill Lane Productions, a Santa Monica commercial production house, moved into its new digs at a derelict factory three years ago, owners Ben Dossett and Meiert Avis had as creative an idea for their work space as they for their work.


The world is divided into two camps: those who believe that people are generally smart enough to take care of themselves, and those who don't.


L.A. apparel prices are getting lower and lower compared to elsewhere in the nation, as a price-conscious market, coupled with the effects of a cheaper dollar last fall, have caused retailers to put out the sale signs.


One of the best ways to learn all about a business before starting your own is by working in a similar business.


The federal government announced that more than $34 billion will be spent over the next 10 years in the five-county area to help 360,000 moderate- and low-income families secure home loans.


L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan has been credited with up-righting the Metropolitan Transportation Authority by moving the board away from subway construction and bringing in Julian Burke to stabilize the agency's sorry financial condition.


With the federal budget surplus expected to reach $3 trillion over the next 10 years, debate has intensified over how the windfall should be spent. The Republicans want to cut taxes and the Democrats want to boost Social Security and Medicare funds. So th


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